Guarantee conditions of Feldherr Lager- & Transportsysteme GmbH

1. The following regulated guarantee represents a voluntary additional service of Feldherr Lager- & Transportsysteme GmbH (hereinafter called Feldherr). The customer can make use of these guarantee conditions with this proviso. Feldherr is entitled to engage a third party to fulfil the guarantee claims, especially specialised Feldherr dealers. However, the decision making authority about a guarantee claim remains with Feldherr. 

In addition to this voluntary guarantee the customer still has unrestricted statutory entitlements against the seller. The customer can apply these claims without having to observe the requirements of these guarantee conditions.

2. Feldherr guarantees a claim to free replacement, as well as dismantling and installation of the parts, which demonstrably have been made unusable due to a material or production error. Further claims will not be admitted; maintenance and care work are not covered by the guarantee. The claim is to be validated by Feldherr on submission of the guarantee certificate and/or proof of purchase.

3. Excluded from the guarantee are parts, which have been made unusable due to improper operation or repair, due to faulty maintenance or normal wear (wearing parts). All storage boxes, Euroboxes, other products made of paper and/or cardboard and 3D printed parts are still excluded from the guarantee.

4. The guarantee period exclusively for private use of the Feldherr products lasts 60 months, for commercial and/or professional use 12 months. Its run starts with the first purchase from Feldherr or Feldherr specialist dealer. In the event of a further purchase by the customer the guarantee period therefore does not start to run again. If work is carried out in the framework of the guarantee, especially replacement of parts, this does not initiate a new start of the guarantee period.

5. If a claim is made to Feldherr on the grounds of the guarantee, the delivery of the spare parts takes place as quickly as possible. However, a customer’s claim to immediate delivery is excluded. A delayed delivery therefore does not give grounds for a compensation claim against Feldherr and also does not lead to an extension of the guarantee period. It is hereby expressly stated that statutory compensation claims from the customer against the seller remain unaffected by this.

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