Informations for companies, public authorities and public institutions

We gladly supply public authorities, public institutions and medium-sized companies on account. 

Of course, we will send you a free quote in advance on request! 

You can place your order by post, by e-mail ( or by fax (+49 (0)30 44328245). Deliveries are made exclusively according to our General Terms and Conditions. We charge different shipping costs, which are shown separately. For further questions please contact us: 

FELDHERR Lager- und Transportsysteme GmbH 

Plauener Strasse 163-165 

13053 Berlin 

Tel.: +49 30 44 32 82 48 

Fax.: +49 30 44 32 82 45 

Important information on intra-Community supplies 

We need your EU-VAT-ID before or together with your order. 

It is not possible to change the invoice after delivery! 

For intra-Community supplies, we will create a special account for you, as each individual intra-Community delivery requires its own documentation for the German tax office. We are furthermore obliged to document each individual delivery by confirmation of receipt. 

Please understand that we cannot provide this additional expense for deliveries below 50 Euro net. 

For orders over 50 Euro, we need a valid EU-VAT-ID for your company. Please send us this EU-VAT-ID before or together with your order. Thank you for your understanding.