Year 2021

III Reconquista de Angmar - MESBG

The 3️⃣rd edition of the MESBG tournament from La Guarnición de AmônCat led to some great and interesting clashes for the top places. 🥇🥈🥉

Congratulations to all winners of the tournament to their new Mini Plus bags, which will protect their winning armies even better. 👝✚

We are happy, that we supported some true Feldherr fans which was told us by the event team.

We wish all participants much fun at the next event. You can find all upcoming tournaments by Amoncat here.

JJDNS - Ticket to Ride

The JJDNS Ticket To Ride board game tournament was a big success! We provided three Feldherr Transporter bags, one for each winner of the three rounds. 

According to the train and railway theme, many tournament participants arrived with appropriate costuming. As you can see in the photos, attendees were dressed as mechanics, conductors, or passengers. The best costumes of the day also won prizes. It really seems like everyone attending had a great time! We want to thank the event organizers for their service to bring the community closer together. We also want to congratulate the winners and hope to see all participants again next year! 🔧

We are happy to announce our latest cooperation: we are officially sponsoring the JJDNS board game tournament in La Roche, France, on November 24th. If you fancy all things on rails, we are sure you're going to find your place here. There even is a costume contest if you feel inclined! And if you aren't hooked by now, you can even win cool Feldherr prizes! You can find out more about the tournament on the official site. Participation is free of charge. 🚂💨


We are glad to have been a sponsor for Europe's largest Warhammer 40k tournament GT de Talavera, which returned this October after a long time of abstinence during the Pandemic and welcomed hundreds of visitors. The Spanish multi-day tournament was filled with exciting battles, raffles, painting contests, all presented by club @cobradordelwaaagh in Talavera de la Reina. And it was all live-streamed and commentated on their twitch channel! 🎙

We happily provided them with lots of amazing goodies for the contests and congratulate all the GT de Talavera Tournament winners on their outstanding performance at the wargame event and hope they enjoy their Feldherr prizes! 🎁🏆🥇🥳

Next year's event is planned to have an even bigger venue to satisfy the high demand. Keep your eyes peeled for future announcements!

The local tournaments are finally back! Europes largest Warhammer 40k tournament GT de Talavera is returning on October 30th to November 1st. The Spanish tournament will be chock-full of exciting battles, presented by club @cobradordelwaaagh in Talavera de la Reina. And we are happy to support them with cool prizes! 🔥

You can find more infos how to participate here.

The Beast from the East - Blood Bowl

The Beast from the East Blood Bowl Tournament in Peterborough, UK, was a blast for everyone involved! The lucky winners brought home one of five FELDHERR MINI bags for Blood Bowl miniatures and this wonderful pigskin trophy. We congratulate the Coaches on their amazing game on the field. We are especially proud to call ourselves sponsors of this event since the charity raffle raised £318 for "Little Miracles", a local charity that looks after special needs children. They will be taking the children to the Christmas Pantomime, and we at Feldherr wish them a wonderful time! 🏈

303 Starbowl - Blood Bowl

A big group of participants surrounds the happy winners of the 303 Starbowl tournament this weekend. As a tournament sponsor, we want to congratulate all winners and hope you enjoy your Feldherr prizes!

See all of you at next year's rematch! 🏈⭐️

HTL 3. BW-Meisterschaft - MESBG

We are happy to report that the 3rd BW Tournament of Middle Earth Tabletop was a full-on success! But we were only sponsoring it with various prizes, not attending. So I leave it to event manager Lukas to tell you about the event:

"The tournament was super, super nice! Finally, after all this time, you could see and meet all the people again. The atmosphere was stunning, relaxed, and very friendly! 
I still do a raffle so that even players who don't win any prizes purely in the tournament can still go home with an award at the end. And in this raffle, your sponsored items were the grand prize. The winner was very happy with it!"

If you want to sign up for next year's event, you can already do so here.

We are proud to support 3rd BW Tournament of Middle Earth Tabletop at Games Island!
Date: 25. September 2021
Location: Games Island Ladenlokal

Hans-Böckler-Str. 18
95032 Hof

You can find out more information and the Sign Up here. 🛡

Are you planning to host a tournament or tabletop event? We are happy to support your dedication to the tabletop community with Feldherr products and merchandise. Please use our contact form for sponsoring requests so that we can answer your request promptly.