HSBQ050BO Feldherr foam tray for Star Wars X-Wing: Slave I

For safe and clear storage of a Slave I model - With additional space for further ships and accessories

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Item number HSBQ050BO

Because it was once designed as a patrol and attack craft, the Slave I boasts superb armor and tremendous armament flexibility. This devastating combination of defensive and offensive capabilities makes the ship of the Firespray-31-class one of the most renowned and feared ships in the galaxy. Its pilots, Jango and Boba Fett, may have played a significant role in this reputation.

The miniature, on the other hand, lacks armor. That's why we take care of the protection before and after the game with this custom Feldherr foam tray.

One compartment is miniature-precisely cut to fit the Slave I model (compatible with both variants, Slave I and Jango Fett's Slave I). The custom cut prevents the model from sliding around during transport. So not only the wings and other sensitive parts are protected from damage. Also the colors of the miniature are spared from abrasion and scratches.

If you want to store a second Slave 1, there is an additional rectangular compartment available. Here you can either place a second miniature or use the compartment as a tray for cards and bases.

In addition, there are six smaller compartments for storing other ship models. For example, they are ideally suited for storing medium-sized ships, like the SRP Droid Gunship, or for small ships, like the Droid Tri-Fighter. These fit here with bases.

Accessories, such as tokens, dials, or pegs, are also well placed here.

The seven compartments have the following dimensions:

  • 2 compartments: 60 mm long x 41 mm wide x 40 mm deep
  • 2 compartments: 72 mm long x 52 mm wide x 40 mm deep
  • 1 compartment: 95 mm long x 83 mm wide x 40 mm deep
  • 1 compartment: 60 mm long x 52 mm wide x 40 mm deep
  • 1 compartment: 72 mm long x 42 mm wide x 40 mm deep

The Half-Size foam tray has the dimensions: 275 mm x 172 mm x 50 mm total height (40 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base).

  • high-quality, fine pored foam
  • chlorine and acid-free
  • Made in Germany

Item ID 52334
Condition New
Variation ID HSBQ050BO
Model HSBQ050BO
Manufacturer Feldherr
Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 piece
Dimensions 275×172×50mm
Customs tariff number 39239000

EAN: 4052526344201

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