Trains miniatures

Not only the sentimental value, makes the own model railway collection so valuable. Locomotives and wagons are also financially a special investment. Especially when you have rare and well maintained pieces by Bachmann, Lionel and Co. in your collection. It is therefore all the more important that the models can be stored well protected and dust-proof when they are not doing their rounds on the rails.

Since only a few people have the space for showcases in their home or in the hobby cellar, a space-saving but still vivid solution is needed for storing the trains. Especially modular railroaders and other model railroaders, who like to pursue their hobby together, often look for a compact and mobile storage solution.

Of course, you can always put the locomotives and wagons back into their boxes, but from a certain amount of collection, the constant packing and unpacking becomes a tiresome business. And who likes to present his train set in a small cardboard box?

With our custom-made foam inserts in all standard scales and the matching storage and transport boxes, we have the solution for your model railway collection.

From the zig-zag pattern foam trays for cutting to size to fit the cupboard and drawer, to the robust, plastic Euro Box for safe and easy transport of the model trains, to the reasonable Feldherr cardboard storage boxes - here you will find the right product for every requirement.

More than 20 years of experience in packaging miniatures and other sensitive items guarantee you high-quality foams that protect your models optimally and reliably from damage during storage and transport. Our foam inserts are 100% CFC, acid and chlorine free. Therefore, the colors and sensitive components remain in great condition and undamaged even during long-term storage. So you and even your grandchildren will enjoy your model railway collection for a very long time to come.