Plateaux en mousse

Feldherr foam - and your miniatures are safe! Individual shapes produced quickly with Feldherr raster foams. Through the perforated grid (14 x 14 mm), they can be modified by hand and without tools. The foams are bonded as self-adhesive and non-adhesive versions, as well as finished, available in depths between 5 mm and 110 mm. Other depths and individual foams / forms are manufactured on request. Feldherr mats are modular and compatible across the entire product line.

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Size Comparison

  • 2 x half-size foam trays = 1 x full-size foam tray
  • 4 x half-size foam trays = 1 x double Size foam tray
  • 2 x full-size foam trays = 1 x double Size foam tray

Dimensions of our foam inserts:

  • half-size: 27,5 cm x 17,2 cm
  • full-size: 34,5 cm x 27,5 cm
  • double-size: 55,0 cm x 34,5 cm