Feldherr Organizer Insert for The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem - Big Boi Box

Convenient Organizer for the Big Boi Box that also serves you as a game aid.

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The card adaptation of The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls proves that video games also work excellently off the screen. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter, you now have the Big Boi Box of the Four Souls Requiem expansion in your hands. While you can neatly store all the game materials in the box, you’re on your own on the tabletop. But don’t worry; we won’t leave you alone and struggling helplessly into your adventure.

This compact Organizer is the ideal help on the table. Say goodbye to toppling piles of cards, and always have your game materials at hand. Experience the game in all its glory and enjoy the comfort of an organized playing area.

  • Feldherr Organizer fits the Big Boi Box from The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem - Big Boi Box
  • Compatible with all Kickstarter pledges that include the Big Boi Box.
  • The original cardboard inserts are required to store the Organizer trays in the board game box.
  • The set also works as a game aid with the core game “Four Souls” and the expansion “Four Souls Requiem,” in which case the inserts must be stored separately.
  • The Organizer complements the Big Boi Box with token trays and helps you with card holders and card displays in the game area.
  • The card holders for the different decks of cards differ in color from each other and are based on the colors of the playing cards.
  • The card holders add stability to the card piles, preventing them from tipping over during play.
  • Sort all small-sized game components into the token trays and store them with the remaining plastic trays in one cardboard insert. Fill the remaining cardboard inserts with playing cards as you see fit.
  • All cards also fit with protective sleeves*.
  • Each large card holder fits approx. 90 sleeved cards/ 180 unsleeved. There is space for approx. 45 sleeved cards / 90 unsleeved in each small card holder.
  • Enough cards fit in the card holder for one playthrough.
  • The small pennies find shelter in the included penny bag, which is safely stowed in one of the large card holders for transport.
  • Transportable and tilt-proof - vertical storage possible
  • Ready to use - no assembly required

The Organizer is compatible with the following Kickstarter Pledges:

  • The Big Boi!
  • The Full Collection!
  • The Guardian Angel
  • Signature Print
  • Shitty signed animal
  • Draw you As Isaac

So that the monsters in the basement have nothing to laugh about, we support you with the matching Organizer for your Big Boi Box. Sort all your small-sized game material into the three token holders and place them with the remaining Organizer trays in one of the originally supplied cardboard inserts. Fill the remaining cardboard inserts with cards. For a quick start of the game, load the cards according to their color into the appropriate card holder and place them on the playing field. The card stands, and token trays complete your game surface. This way, you always have everything in view, the card stacks are stable, and the game material is easily accessible. After the game, you return everything to the inserts and stow them away in the Big Boi Box. So everything is neatly sorted away, and you are prepared for your next adventures.

The set consists of:

  • 1 plastic card holder “Treasures” with one compartment for treasure cards
  • 1 plastic card holder “Loot” with 1 compartment for loot cards
  • 1 plastic card holder “Monster” with 1 compartment for monster cards
  • 1 plastic card holder “rooms” with 1 compartment for oom cards
  • 1 plastic token tray with two compartments for dice and 5-coins
  • 1 heart container + 1 plastic lid for heart tokens
  • 1 tear box + 1 plastic lid for tear tokens
  • 1 plastic card display with two compartments and a card slot for displaying boss cards and heart tokens
  • 1 plastic card display with 7 card slots for displaying playing cards such as bonus souls, room cards, or cards from a player’s hand when playing solo


As with all 3D-printed models, minor imperfections may occur. The product images are only examples of how the finished product may look. Colors may vary. All products are delivered unpainted.

  • thermosoftening plastic
  • made from renewable raw materials
  • ready to use - no assembly required
  • 3D printed in Germany
*- Tested with Premium card sleeves from Ultra Pro and GameGenic

Item ID 64311
Condition New
Variation ID ORG227
Model ORG227
Manufacturer Feldherr
Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 piece
Customs tariff number 39239000

EAN: 4052526477367

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