Feldherr Magnetic Box green for Star Wars Armada: Pelta Class Frigate

Feldherr Magnetic Box green to safely store and transport two Pelta-class Frigates and four Squadrons for Star Wars Armada.

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Item number HSMB055P79

The Pelta class frigates served mostly as transporters and medical ships during the Clone Wars but were also used as command ships by the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.

To ensure that your Pelta-class frigates will last long and not end up as space junk, this Feldherr Magnetic Box including a matching custom foam insert is available. With it, you can transport your Frigates and the associated accessories securely and tidy.

The set contains:

  • 1 Feldherr Magnetic Box green
  • 1 Half-Size foam tray for 2 Pelta-class Frigates + 4 Squadrons and accessories (HSMFDI045BO)
  • 1 foam topper

The Half-Size foam tray with a total of 9 compartments ensures the protection of your miniatures. Two miniature-precisely shaped compartments for the Frigates ensure that they have a tight and secure fit. Surrounded by soft foam, the vulnerable edges and other fine details of the miniature are spared from damage. The colors are also optimally protected against scratches and abrasion.

The base and fin share the large compartment. Finger-thick cutouts on all sides make it easy for you to remove the contents of the compartment.

To make sure your Frigate is not without escorting ships, we have added compartments for 4 squadrons to the insert.

The ship and upgrade cards share one compartment. To make it easier for you to remove the cards, the compartment is also provided with a finger-thick cutout. Of course, the cards also fit with protective sleeves.

Place the various game tokens into the small remaining compartment.

The included foam topper ensures your miniatures are safely packed all around and won't bump against the lid of the box. The soft foam material protects your models reliably against scratches and color abrasion.

The Magnetic Box is the ideal solution for storage and transport because of its low weight and flat, rectangular shape. It consists of coated solid cardboard in modern Feldherr design. The green box, in which the foam mats are placed, is firmly glued to the casing. This also serves as a lid. Two integrated magnets on the flap and front allow a seamless and easy closing so that nothing gets lost during transport.

Dimensions of the Magnetic Box:

  • Inside: approx. 275 mm x 172 mm x 55 mm
  • Outside: approx. 290 mm x 180 mm x 60 mm

The Half-Size foam tray has the dimensions: 275 mm x 172 mm x 45 mm total height (35 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)

  • high-quality, fine pored foam — Made in Germany
  • chlorine and acid-free

EAN: 4052526437224

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Feldherr fully 5 year warranty

Feldherr fully 5 year warranty

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