Feldherr foam set for Catan: Starfarers - board game box

Keep the miniatures and game material from Catan: Starfarers safe with this Feldherr foam set for the original board game box.

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Item number EW01Set

The depths of space await you. You are a starfarer. Your task is to colonize new solar systems and to secure humanity's place among the interstellar peoples.

Many dangers are lurking in space. Even everyday life is not entirely risk-free. To prevent your miniatures from breaking during transport or the paint from your painted figures from flaking off, we have taken care of the protection of your models.

  • The set fits into the original board game box of Catan: Starfarers created by Catan Studio.
  • It offers you space for all miniatures, cards and tokens from the box.
  • The plastic card holder and the expansion box of the original equipment are needed for this set.
  • Cards fit only without sleeves.
  • Put the Game Board Pieces, the Sectors, the Friendship Cards, the Rulebook, and the Almanac on the foam topper.
  • The lid of the box protrudes approx. 1 cm.

The included plastic sorters are not enough to keep your box sorted? No problem, this Feldherr foam set supports you on your travels and complements the included game solutions. It won't keep space pirates off your back, but you'll have all your game material arranged and on the game table in no time. So nothing stands in the way of a quick game.

The set contains:

  • 4 foam tray for figurines (EVMEYN035BO)
  • 1 foam tray for Motherships (EWMEYO080BO)
  • 1 foam mat, 4 mm, as height compensation
  • 1 foam topper

Sort the Ressource Cards into the Card Tray from the original kit and place the Friendship Markers on top. Because of the preformed inserts the cards only fit without protective sleeves. Put the Freight Pod, Cannon, Booster, Fame Medal Pieces, and the Encounter Cards into the Upgrades Tray.

Each of the four identical foam trays has enough compartments to sort all 92 figures and the Victory Point Markers by color. The miniature-exact cut helps you to sort them. In the rectangular compartment, you can store the colored Balls, Dice, Special Token, and Discs. The soft, fine-pored foam protects the detailed miniatures reliably from damage even during transport. Also, the precisely fitting cut prevents them from slipping around or bumping into each other. When you have painted your miniatures, you can be sure that the soft foam protects the colors from abrasion and annoying scratches.

The four Motherships find a suitable hangar in the fifth insert. Four dimensionally accurate compartments ensure that the missiles remain firmly and securely in their storage location.

Place the Mothership insert and the player trays inside the box. On top of the player trays, you place the fitting foam mat. Put the Sectors and the Friendship Cards on the foam mat. Then cover everything with the supplied foam topper. This way nothing slips. Your miniatures are well protected from all sides.

Put the Game Board Pieces, the Sectors, the Friendship Cards, the Rulebook, and the Almanac on the foam topper. Last but not least, place the Card Tray and the Upgrades Tray on top of all. Put the lid on. You are finished.

The inserts have the following dimensions:

  • EVMEYN035BO: 180 mm x 142 mm x 35 mm total height (25 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
  • EWMEYO080BO: 285 mm x 180 mm x 80 mm total height (70 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
  • high-quality, fine pored foam
  • chlorine and acid-free
  • Made in Germany

Item ID 60659
Condition New
Variation ID EW01Set
Model EW01Set
Manufacturer Feldherr
Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 piece
Dimensions 285×285×85mm
Customs tariff number 39239000

EAN: 4052526426563

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