Feldherr foam set for Aftermath - board game box

The best protection for the end times: The insert for your board game box for tidy and safe storage of miniatures and accessories - including plastic card holder

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Item number AW06Set

How mankind disappeared? Nobody knows for sure. But honestly, there are more important issues for our heroic rodents. To ensure the survival of their colony, for example. And the basic requirement for that: to defy all dangers even in a fateful world.

With this Feldherr foam set you make at least the immediate world safer for Meziah, Grumple, Ringr and Whisper and at the same time you bring order into the post-apocalyptic chaos.

  • The set fits exactly into the original "Aftermath" board game box by Plaid Hat Games.
  • Provides safe space for all 23 figures and all accessories of the core game. All cards also fit with sleeves.
  • Includes plastic card holder for storing the small playing cards.
  • The 7 deck boxes are located next to the top foam insert. The Adventure Book, the Downtown Travel Map, the Campaign Dashboard, and the Sideboard are placed on top.
  • The lid of the board game box protrudes approx. 4-5 cm.

The set includes:

  • 1 foam tray for miniatures (ELMEWT060BO)
  • 1 foam tray for accessories (AWMEPR035BO)
  • 1 card holder made of plastic
  • 2 foam toppers

There is a cosy place on the upper foam tray not only for our heroes. All 23 miniatures - yes, even the predators and the bandits - are each assigned an individually tailored compartment. The custom-fit cut helps with sorting and also ensures that nothing slips around on the way. The sensitive parts of the figures are thus optimally protected against damage. When you have painted your models, you can be sure that the colors are still unscratched and unharmed after transport.

You can sort the game material into the second insert. 4 compartments are available for the larger cards, like the encounter cards. For the smaller cards you get 1 small compartment and one big compartment. The large compartment can be divided into two small compartments with the card tray, which is also included in the set. Of course, all cards fit also with sleeves.

The 2 remaining compartments are used to store the tokens and markers. The small compartment in the middle houses the dice.

You can place the deck boxes right next to the upper foam tray.

After everything is in place, cover the whole thing with the foam topper provided. On top of it you put the Adventure Book, the Downtown Travel Map, the Campaign Dashboard, and the Sideboard. For complete all-round protection we have included a second foam topper.

All miniatures are safely stowed away and all game material is neatly arranged. So you're well prepared for the next adventurous chapters.


The foam trays have the following dimensions:

  • AWMEPR035BO: 280 mm x 280 mm x 35 mm total height (25 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
  • ELMEWT060BO: 280 mm x 188 mm x 60 mm total height (50 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
  • high-quality, fine pored foam
  • CFC-free
  • chlorine and acid-free
  • Made in Germany

The card holder measures: 97 mm x 70 mm x 23 mm height

  • thermosoftening plastic
  • 3D printed in Germany

As with all 3D-printed models, minor imperfections may occur. The product images are only examples of how the finished product may look. Colors may vary.

EAN: 4052526418841

Models pictured are for size comparison only. They are the personal property of Feldherr company or employees.

Feldherr fully 5 year warranty

Feldherr fully 5 year warranty

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