Feldherr Hard Case

Where can I find the Feldherr Hard Case?

Unfortunately, the production of the Feldherr Hard Case was stopped. Therefore it is no longer part of our product range.

We have transferred all previous Hard Case sets to the storage box FSLB310. Furthermore, with our flexible Euroboxes we can offer even more alternatives to the Feldherr Hard Case.

The Storage Box FSLB310 and further alternatives

The storage box FSLB310 is made of coated, double-walled cardboard and is therefore not only light but also very robust. This makes it suitable not only for storage, but also for everyday use. Thanks to the plastic-reinforced carrying handles, it is easy to transport.

For a more comfortable transport of the Storage Boxes over longer distances we recommend the Feldherr Transporter. Two FSLB310 boxes or a DSLB310 Double-Size Storage Box fit into the bag.

As alternatives made of plastic, we currently offer the Euroboxes in Double-Size, with different heights and designs. The boxes are designed for Feldherr foam trays in the sizes Half-Size, Full-Size and Double-Size.

The Eurobox DSEB255 is also available as a convenient, cost-effective bundle with the Feldherr transporter.

Of course, we are also working on other plastic transport containers in Full-Size and Half-Size.

We will be happy to answer any further questions by E-mail to mail@feldherr.com.

Overview of previous Hard Case sets and new FSLB310 sets: