Feldherr MAXI PLUS bag for Age of Sigmar: Carrion Empire

Safely transport all models from the 'Carrion Empire' battle box by Games Workshop. Additional space is available for further miniatures and up to 77 dice.

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If you are one of the lucky one who have obtained the "Carrion Empire" Set by Games Games Workshop, you should treat your wonderful miniatures with great care: After all, the fantastic models are among the most exquisite that the board game market has to offer.

The Feldherr MAXI PLUS bag for "Age of Sigmar: Carrion Empire" allows you to store and transport your collection of the Skaven and the Flesh-eater Courts safely and conveniently.

The set contains:

  • 1 Feldherr MAXI PLUS bag
  • 1 foam tray mit 6 compartments for Skaven miniatures (FSMELH110BO)
  • 1 foam tray mit 12 compartments for Crypt Flayers and Crypt Ghouls (HSCW075BO)
  • 1 foam tray mit 16 compartments for Crypt Horrors and Crypt Ghouls (HSCU060BO)
  • 1 foam tray mit 16 compartments for Crypt Ghouls (HS035BF05BO)
  • 1 foam tray mit 77 compartments for dice (HSLN025BO)
  • 1 matching foam topper

The foam tray for the Skaven miniatures has 6 custom cut compartments which provide ultimate protection for the models of the Ratkin. The compartment for the Warp Lightning Cannon is cut in such a way that both construction variants - Warp Lightning Cannon or Plagueclaw - fit in.

The foam tray with the 12 compartments will hold Crypt Flayers and Crypt Ghouls.

The foam tray with the 16 compartments provides space for the Crypt Horrors and Crypt Ghouls.

All other Crypt Ghouls can be stored in the other tray with 16 compartments. The remaining compartments can be filled with miniatures or game material of your choice.

Finally, the set features a foam tray with 77 compartments for dice. Each of the 77 compartments is 14 mm long x 14 mm wide x 15 mm deep.

Of course, the trays fit exactly into the sturdy MAXI PLUS bag. The bag is made of particularly hard-wearing fabric. Padded side panels and a reinforced base additionally ensure that the contents are optimally protected from external influences even when transported by car or train. Next to the large main compartment, the bag has a smaller pocket with a zipper at the front. Here you can store the booklets. There is a rubberized, easy-grip carrying handle on the top. If you prefer to keep your hands free, you can also use the bag as a shoulder bag thanks to the solid, removable shoulder strap.

Dimensions of the MAXI PLUS bag:

  • Internal dimensions: approx. 345 mm x 275 mm x 220 mm
  • External dimensions: approx. 390 mm x 330 mm x 230 mm

The matching foam topper completes the set. Just place it on the upper tray to make sure that nothing can fall out during transport.

  • fine-pored foam – Made in Germany
  • chlorine free and acid free
  • CFC-free

EAN: 4052526409566

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Feldherr fully 5 year warranty

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