Feldherr MAXI Bag for Runewars Miniatures Game - Daqan-Lords

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Item number MAX32BO

The Feldherr MAXI Bag is perfectly suitable to transport and safely stow your figures. The intelligent system allows you to divide your units in Daqan and Waiqan. This Bag is specially for your Daqan units.

All the miniatures of the original Runewars Miniature Game and the expansions Lord Hawthorne, the Daqan Infantry Command, the Spearmen and the Oathsworn Cavalry fit in the bag. Thanks to the three foam trays with 79 compartments you can individually compose and collect your units.

The Maxi Bag is complete filled with foam:

  • 1 x 70 mm (2.75 inch) full-size foam tray for Runewars Miniatures Game - Daqan-Lords (Item No.:[FSKH070BO])
  • 2 x 55 mm (2.16 inch) full-size foam tray for unewars Miniatures Game - Daqan-Lords Infantry (Item No.:[FS055RW02])
  • 1 x foam topper

Special foam tray for Runewars Miniatures Game - Daqan-Lords (Item No.:[FSKH070BO]).

  • 1 compartment for Rune Golem
  • 1 compartment for mounted Lord Hawthorne
  • 1 compartment for Banner Guards
  • 8 compartments for Oathsworn Cavalry
  • 2 compartments for cards in sleeves
  • 1 compartment for dice
  • 1 compartment for Comman Tools
  • 1 compartment for token
  • 4 compartments for bases

Special foam tray for Daqan-Lords Infantry (Item No.:[FS055RW02]).

  • 8 Fächer 74 mm x 32 mm x 45 mm
  • 16 Fächer 50 mm x 32 mm x 45 mm
  • 6 Fächer 50 mm x 46 mm x 45 mm

EAN: 4052526392882

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